Toniah has been part of the Danish and international entertainment industry for many years. Her experience spans far and wide and includes everything
from choreographing and instructing to idea development, sparring and counseling of both established artists and young talents.


Click on the individual shows to see Toniah’s work on e.g. X Factor, where she has been an essential part of the team for many years.
Both as a choreographer, coach, bootcamp judge and creative instructor.


As a choreographer and creative director, Toniah has also choreographed unique
dance and helped the participants in Dancing With The Stars (Vild Med Dans) to shine in unfamiliar styles such as Hip Hop and show-dancing. Toniah’s experience and empathetic style has likewise helped the young participants in Voice Junior, through many seasons, to perform their very best in front of the judges and audiences.

Contact Toniah to hear more about how your next show can be a creative, visual and commercial success.

In addition to the many shows shown here, Toniah has also worked on e.g. ELLE Style Awards, P3 Gold, GAFFA Award and many more.


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Highlighted work

Kari Traa Commercial – Celebrate yourself

SPORT Show 2018

Nordic Council DR1

Snow Queen – The Royal Opera

Iris Gold – Sport 2019 DR1