Toniah Pedersen has gathered a wide and diverse range of dancers on her site, she presents a professional adult Female / Male / Non Binary category, an “Up and Coming” category and a Youth Category so you as a client can discover or revisit the talented dancers this country possesses.

The dancers individually represent different dance genres, all with authentic and diverse looks as well as talent.

New talent will be added on an ongoing basis, so keep an eye out.

If you want to book one or more dancers, they must be contacted directly through their individual profile, and this is done by clicking on the individual dancers’ picture/instagram.

Do you, on the other hand, want a specific casting with specific dancers within their respective areas of expertise, to book a show, a production, or something else? Then please fill out the CONTACT form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

In terms of salary: We recommend all dancers on the site as well as casting agents, productions, choreographers etc. to respect dancers and choreographer tariffs as aligned by the Actor’s Association. This helps to strengthen the industry and support sustainability in the professional field.

Maja Olsen


Alba Marie Mazanti Nejrup

Alex Sørensen

Ali Haydar

Amy Sarr

Anastasija Olescuka

Anna Eileen Nguyen Jeppesen

Asta Gaardbo

Astrid Grarup Elbo

Bobby Atiedu

Boubacar Diallo (Mbaye)

Brice Johnson

Carl-Emil Nørby Mortensen

Cathrine Sofie Agerskov

Cecilia Trappaud

Clara Fie Vikkelsø Frisken

Diana Wehbi

Dung Chinh Nguyen

Elias Fernando

Elvin Raimovski

Emil Stenlund

Emina Mustagrudic

Emma Steenbjerg-Helmark

Flora Emilie Folden Lund

Freja Alaja

Frida Lyngsøe

Gabriella Riseo Adams Bratteberg

Hector Vikkelsø Frisken

Helene Duch Kjaer

Helene Høier Aagesen

Ivan Spahi

Jacob Salling

Joanna “Skywalker” Holewa Chrona

Julia Just Holch

Julie Hasselstrøm

julie Kunz

Karoline Eugenia

Kirstine Østerberg-Hansen

Kristoffer Kobberø

Laura Andersen-Sund

Linn Fletcher

Liva vestskov

Luc Boris André

Lukas Wilson

Lulu Safia Mnanga Elling

Mads Gronemann

Maji Claire

Malene Ostergaard

Malthe Andersen Eid

Maria Malmstrøm

Mariama Rohey Khan

Marie Kaae

Marie Paldrup

Marluze da Cruz

Marta Kocik

Mette Koldby Vestergaard

Mikkel Willadsen

Miran Ugljen

Natalie Cao Nguyen

Naya Schrøder Gudmandsen

Nefertiti Moeglin Pedersen

Nellie Bethel

Nicklas Troensegaard

Niclas Kaare Rasmussen

Nikolaj Lund

Noah nyboe Paver

Oliver Vilhelmsen

Oliver Zohore

Olivia Andersen

Olivia Melgaard Henriksen

Olivia Sol

Oscar Stahlfest

Pelle Sylvester Folden Lund

Philip Elbech Andresen

Rasmus Thygesen

Rico Coker

Sebastian Tviis Jeppesen

Selene Muñoz

Simone Damgaard Fischer

Sophia Maria Fonseca-Møller

Stephan Panteleev Pagur

Suad Demirovic

Thea Carla Schøtt

Thea Esther Saniel-Thomsen

Thomas Rasmussen

Tobias Husum Niemann

Toby Deedaran

Tone Reumert

Valdemar Simbold Jakobsen

Victor Malthe Bjørn

Yasmin Hjort