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Toniahs work in media

Podcast / Interviews

Blu, Suki Hangaard – Producent
“For the last several years, Toniah has put her cool imprint on X Factor, and thank God for that!
She is one of the absolute most powerful creative forces on the team, creating week after week small miracles in collaboration with judges, musicians, graphic artists and producers.
We will not be without her. She is and has the X Factor!”

Sony Music Denmark, Karina Foss Fenn – Frontline Director
“Toniah is without doubt one of the most talented and life-giving people I have worked with.
For many years, Sony Music has been using Toniah with great success to help house performers perform best on a stage before TV shows, video shoots or concerts.
She has contributed with both full dance choreographies as well as tips and advices on how the artists move naturally on stage.
In addition, Toniah is a world champion to brainstorm with, as we prepare major performances with the artists, which always adds an extra leg to the project.”

Universal Music Denmark, Wiebke Averbeck – International Product & Promotion Manager
“In my daily job as Promotion Manager at Universal Music, I represent names like Suspekt, Lars Ulrich, Off Bloom and others, most of which over time have been under Toniah’s creative and knowledgeable hands in connection with some of the country’s biggest TV productions.
Toniah has the special characteristic, that she always meets the individual at eye level and is not afraid to think big and out of the box. A trait that makes you always feel comfortable with her presence, and not least, a fantastic end result is assured.”

PDH Music, Mif Damgaard
“Toniah’s vast experience with stage performance means that she has a deep understanding of the artist, their abilities and how she gets exactly him, her or them – to act as credible artists and not least to catch and “hit” the audience right down to the back row.
She quickly gets an overview of the entire production. Her skills are great and based on her means, she adapts the show to the artist.
LOVE working with Toniah – It just makes my whole working life so much easier….”

Mette Støvring – Tv-producent
“I’ve been working with Toniah for the last 20 years. Every time I have a project that requires a choreographer – or work on stage performances, Toniah is the first one I think of. I want Toniah on the team, because in my eyes, she is the best at getting people to appear on TV.
Stylish, tough, daring, visionary and with a glance at the detail as few. And she’s absolutely fantastic – in her very cool way – to work with participants psychologically. Mama Toniah never fails.”

Glass Music, Christian Skjølstrup – CEO
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Toniah several times. I never initiate a new artist development without using Toniah’s expertise in developing an artist.
Toniah sees the big picture and understands all facets of the artist’s career. Not only does she improve the artist’s appearance on stage, she enhances the artist’s overall appearance in everything that artists do in the future. Toniah is a unique and necessary part of the team.”

Jerry Reeve, Creative Producer
“Toniahs approachable and vibrant personality has made working with her a joy over the years. This in addition to her unique eye and creatively, allows makes for a productive environment.”

Damage, UK boyband
“Toniah has been central to the visual look and movement of Damage for over 20 years. She has crafted routines which are recognised within our industry as groundbreaking and these continue to excite audiences world wide. She has the unique ability to understand us as a band and as a creative director has helped us to bring our live vision to life many times. We are fortunate to have worked with her and continue to use the excellence she has taught in all of our live performances, most recently on our 35 date UK tour. Thank you Toniah!”

Ljuba Castot, Creative Director, Artist Manager, Award winning choreographer
“Not only is Toniah’s work always extremely current but it also evokes a timeless and dynamic essence that is embodied by all types of movers. Toniah is able to translate and transport the audience moving energy -not only onstage but within every single onlooker.”

Severine Berman, Founder of The Mutha Ship
“Toniah is one of the most exceptional talents I work with. She delivers so much more than you expect and does it with style, grace and a smile too. Her vision is second to none and she has never failed me. Can you tell I am a fan?!! I would highly recommend her to everyone.”

Highlighted work

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SPORT Show 2018

Nordic Council DR1

Snow Queen – The Royal Opera

Iris Gold – Sport 2019 DR1