A well known and visionary Creative Director

As a creative director Toniah is behind Denmark’s Eurovision Song Contest 2019, Denmark’s Sport Show and Cirkus Summarum as well as The X Factor DK.

Toniah has in many years directed clients in visual branding and in creating content for artists and commercial brands. She creates, produces and collaborates from small to big productions in the making of television, film, video, live events, stage shows, tours, fashion, music and dance shows.

Toniah brings her unique creative vision and expertise not only to movement, but to the overall look of a project influencing light, styling, wardrobe, set design and musical arrangements. As a contemporary visionary Toniah focus on enhancing the clients wishes and identity with a stylish sense of details from the development of a concept to the final execution.

Showreels for Director

TV-avisen DMGP 2020

DMGP 2020

Kari Traa Commercial – Celebrate yourself

SPORT Show 2018

Ja helt klart vi skal bolle

Prince Trailer 2.0

Yellow teaser

Atini Khamsa

Vild med dans – Semifinale 2019

Nordic Council DR1

DMGP 2019