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Targeted and super inspiring

Do you need to do something completely different than what you usually do when it comes to inventing events that can strengthen employees’ collaboration skills and performance?

Do you lack ideas to really try something new to shake employees together, create more job satisfaction, increase energy, drive and creativity in the company? Then contact Toniah and The Team.

With many years of experience in coaching, teaching and inspiring, all employees will receive both a physical and mental boost once they have been through our course. Every business needs something different, so let’s find out exactly what suits you.

For many years, Toniah has helped musicians, actors, dancers and business people with everything from small stage performances to large concerts. Explore Toniah’s exciting career.






Toniah kreativ teambuilding

Tailor-made solutions

Based off of dance, we guarantee that you get creative team building at the highest level and an experience beyond the usual, as employees are guided to use the music to collaborate – and easy, fun dance steps to develop creativity.

Regardless of the size of the company, you can choose a solution with dance as a creative tool.

Contact Toniah and The Team and hear what we can put together, so that your team building creates results, extra high spirits and good energy among the employees.



1. Toniah and The Team are experts in creative processes.

2. Dance is the perfect shortcut to the joy of both employees and management.

3. Idea development happens best when you dare to step out of the box.


Highlighted work

Kari Traa Commercial – Celebrate yourself

SPORT Show 2018

Nordic Council DR1

Snow Queen – The Royal Opera

Iris Gold – Sport 2019 DR1