The Team

Our Team helps you with developing and executing launches, videos, shows and much more

The Team is a performance agency, a multifaceted group and collective of entrepreneurs, all handpicked by Toniah. Toniah has through her career touched many areas within the entertainment industry, and on that base gathered these creative souls around her, to lift, develop and find solutions around any creative idea you have.

We generate inventive concepts & solutions world-wide. As experts in our field we function as a creative hub to make your vision come alive and lift any creative concept that you might have in terms of entertainment, branding, fashion, corporate gatherings, events, premieres, galas etc. We contribute not only to choreography and movement, but to the overall look of a project influencing light, styling, wardrobe, set design and musical arrangements.

The Team consists of professional choreographers & dancers (Check out the selection here), project managers, videographer and makeup artists ready to develop and execute your project.

Why work with us?

We help all kinds of brands, companies, artists and Tv-shows with extending their DNA and branding to a powerfull experience ensuring engagement and attention. Combining brave thinking and great knowledge within the dance and entertainment industry, we are dedicated to surprise people with the unexpected.

Ready to collaborate and work with us? You can also book us individually. Contact The Team here

What we do

Productions – launches of new products, premieres, fashion shows, music shows, corporate shows and dance shows

Video – music videos, dance videos, film, campaigns, branding, SoMe content

Teaching / Teambuilding – privates, coaching, workshops, icebreakers at conferences, kickstart cooperation, enhance presentation

Choreographers / dancers – a selection of choreographers and dancers all exceeding in their own personal style. Check out the dancers selection here

Highlighted work

Kari Traa Commercial – Celebrate yourself

SPORT Show 2018

Nordic Council DR1

Snow Queen – The Royal Opera

Iris Gold – Sport 2019 DR1