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Are you ready to have a blast at a party?

Start your company party with the most terrific show. Entertainment and surprises
that lifts your event to new heights.

The Team tailors an entertaining feature to your company party – whether you need a short break with entertainment, a big show, or a small quick fun thing to shake the employees together.

Let the employees at the company party take part in a fun dance feature where all participants
being shaken well together. Afterwards, the party is guaranteed to continue on the dance floor in a high mood.

Contact Toniah and The Team and hear what we can offer you.



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5 tips for the perfect entertainment for the company party

1.Think creatively and consult with professionals who are experts in their genre.

2. Reconciliation of expectations so the entertainment is created in relation to employees and management.

3. Make sure to have, planned surprises, along the way.

4. Use music and movement, it always creates a good atmosphere. 5. Grab Toniah and The Team and let’s find the best concept for the company party together.




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Did you know that dancing is good for our mental health?

If there is one thing that dance can do, it is to push the vanity within – and we really benefit from that. It forces us to let go and dare more when we do not use force to think about our appearance. When we let go of what other people think of us, it releases an incredible amount of energy which then provide us surplus and greater creativity.

Dancing is not only a physical activity – it is also a mental strength training, because it helps to create a natural connection between your body and your brain. You simply get in a better mood from dancing.

In short – contact Toniah and The Team so we can help make sure the company party is a success and everyone goes from there in a high mood with new energy.

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